I was not familiar with corrective exercise before I stepped into Fitness for Life last summer and met Greg. I went in to inquire about winter biking classes, but it didn’t take long before Greg and I were talking about some of the other services he offered. 

I was especially interested in the way Greg described his approach to training. It all made sense so I decided to give it a try. I am sure glad that I did. The improvements in my strength and flexibility as well as my general awareness of how my body works have been phenomenal.  I have always worked out on my own. The problem was I didn’t know much about what I was trying to do so I never did many exercises correctly. Having someone watch you and make sure you do each movement correctly is the key to making real progress without reinforcing bad habits or getting hurt. 

Now I am aware of my body so much more and I am conscious of all the little things that affect whether I am getting the most out of what I do. Corrective exercise has made a huge difference in how I feel. As we continue to work out together I am excited about being able to remain active for many years to come.  -- Michael Beck, CPA


I have worked with Greg for a number if years for a variety of physical issues as a result of over training my body for Ironman competitions to a serious accident that took one year of consistent hard work with Greg. Greg not only helped me overcome injuries but has taught me how to exercise in a correct manner so to significantly reduce the chances of future injuries.-- John Allen

When I walked into Fitness For life at age 36, I was a moderate exerciser who favored yoga and walking, had struggled with back pain since the age of twelve, and had three boys under the age of five.  When I walked out that same day, I knew I was on the right track to healing my back, setting a healthy example for my children, and I was determined to complete a Sprint triathlon.   

Under Greg’s careful guidance and with his personalized, carefully supervised workouts, I gained strength, speed, and endurance.  It took no time for my back ailments to resolve.  I have learned that I am prone to certain injuries because of my joint hyper-mobility, so I continue to work with Greg at maintaining strength, motivation, and most importantly, overall health.  Now in my fourth season as a triathlete, Greg has guided me through not just that first Sprint triathlon, but all the way through to my first half- iron distance race last fall.  I am looking in the eyes of 40 and have never been healthier!  -- JANE ELLISON 

I am a 59 year old marathoner/ironman  triathlete who has run 59 marathons including 10 ironman triathlons. I have met with Greg for three 2-hour sessions to help me with my lack of flexibility and my poor running form which I believe is the result of cycling and too much running on a treadmill at 0 % incline.  In any case, before I started working with Greg running had become tremendous physical chore, my form was robotic and painful to watch.  In just the short time we have worked together I have noticed a tremendous improvement in my flexibility and form; I'm far from being where I want to be but plan to continue with my drills and stretching routines designed by Greg. Just this past weekend (March 2013) I competed in a marathon. I was running as a training run in preparation for an ultra marathon (Comrades in South Africa) I plan to run this June; during this race I was focused on my form as advised by Greg and in doing so, my time improved and I almost qualified for the Boston Marathon by just a few minutes. (my last Boston was in 2009)  So there is hope!  I highly recommend Greg at Fitness for Life to any athlete, runner and or triathlete who is experiencing any physical issues with their sport. -- Fernando Puente

At 61 years old, I was overweight and always tired. I had no real stamina or strength to speak of. I was taking 2400mg of over the counter pain medication per day. I had been a workaholic before I retired and was paying the price for neglecting my body. I had tried gyms and home-based workout plans with no real results. Ted is very professional with a thorough knowledge of his field. He understands my goals and has put me on the path of success. I have lost 30 pounds and four inches in my waist. I am amazed at how much energy I have these days and life is just so much more fun. I have Ted to thank for these changes. He has really helped me improve my quality of life tremendously. If I can do it, you can too!  --  Jimmy Tomosunas

In December 2010, I dislocated my shoulder and was considering surgery after a recommendation by an orthopedic surgeon.  Surgery wasn't my favorite option, so I decided to meet with Greg at Fitness for Life after being referred by a friend.
My left arm was 1-1/2 weeks out of a sling and had very limited mobility and strength.  After one week of working with Greg and following his recommended rehab exercises, I was very surprised at the increase in mobility in my injured shoulder.  After two weeks, I was back to my everyday activities and workout routine at about 80%.  It has now been just over one month and I feel no restrictions with my shoulder and have regained 100% strength.  I was able to go snowboarding last week with no problems.  My shoulder mobility is actually greater in both shoulders than it was before my injury due to the exercises Greg has implemented into my daily workout routine. I am very pleased with the results and the fact that I explored another option before surgery.  -- Richard Wells

My regular fitness routine was no longer producing the kind of results that I guess most women want.  I was also interested in working smarter not harder because I have accumulated several injuries over the years and did not want to make them worse at the expense of my goals. I selected Ted Farrell due to his educational background, experience working in physical therapy, and his professional attitude.  I have worked with several trainers in the past and Ted is the best. I lost eight pounds and six inches in the first eight weeks! I have more energy now and feel great about how I look!  -- Nancie Tomosunas

I found corrective exercise to be a great benefit not only in the rehabilitation of overuse injuries, but more importantly in the prevention of overuse injuries. Greg and his team do a fantastic job of identifying the root cause (not just the symptom) of the injury and developing a comprehensive plan to get you back on track fast! -- David Sokolofsky [Waves of Wilmington]

I have always been a fairly active person-active enough that I never felt that I needed anyone to teach me how to exercise-until I met Greg.  After complaining about my health, a friend of mine shared with me how Greg had helped him.  I met with Greg and very quickly realized how much I did not know or understand the right way to exercise which created a huge gap for me.  Over the next several weeks, Greg taught me how to exercise and why doing it the right way made all the difference.

As a result, I feel much more empowered to stay fit and feel much better.  Working with Greg has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for my own health.  -- W. Steve Ezzell