At Fitness for Life, we combine leading edge training and a passion for total body care to serve our clients. We go beyond personal training to provide customized programs to optimize every body. 
Your first visit will include a full body assessment. Your subsequent visits will focus on corrective exercise, strength training, core conditioning and stretching to correct muscle imbalances, improve posture and achieve alignment and body positioning.

Corrective Exercise is a form of exercise that brings the body back into a perfect postural position. The body was designed to perform at its optimum level when it is in a position of good posture. Sitting at our desks, slouching,  improper bike fit and incorrect running techniques can add to poor posture. This means that the body will tighten in certain areas and loosen in other areas. Muscles will become weaker and some may not even work at all. 

woman sitting pictureCorrective Exercise is designed to undo all of these muscle imbalances and start to get the ones that haven't been working, working again. Through exercise you will be loosening those that have become tight, and tightening muscles that have become loose. Basically you will be working towards bringing your body back into perfect posture so that it can function at its' optimum level. 

The specialists at Fitness for Life will customize a plan to keep your body healthy, fit and pain-free. They'll help you discover how to recognize the detailed messages your body is sending you and how to respond and move in ways to eliminate your weak links and strengthen your structural integrity.

Through resistance training, stretching, breathing and movement you will discover what it really is like to feel your best.